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GRC Sculptures Looking for sculpture? You have come to the right place. Grand GRC PRE FAB Pvt. LTD. has years history of producing all types of sculptures for some of the leading museums, amusement parks, retail locations and attractions. Benefits: Product Selection • Huge selection of sculptures • Custom designs on request Capacity and Experience We offer you • The world's finest quality chess sculptures. • The largest selection of animal sculpture anywhere • The largest manufacturer of its kind in India Applications: • Amusement Parks • Children's Hospitals • Museums • Zoos • Dallas Zoo • Seattle Children's Hospital • Atlantis Aquarium If you own a kid-friendly resort, hotel, or restaurant, you know just how important it is to have something to entertain the children who visit your establishment. Grand GRC's fiberglass sculptures are a wonderful option. Our well-crafted, quality animal sculptures have a high gloss finish and bright colors that will delight children of all ages andthe young at heart. We have a number of sculpture designs to choose from, and we can also develop custom sculptures if you have something completely different in mind. Our fiberglass animal sculptures are a simple way to attract attention, arouse curiosity, and create excitement, all of which can help you attract more customers. Best of all, our fiberglass sculptures are strong, weather resistant, and extremely durable. You won't have to worry about costly and time consuming maintenance, and it's likely your animal sculpture will never need repairs. Contact us to find out more about our exciting sculptures and how they can help your

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