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Unveiling the Beauty and Functionality of GRC Hand Railing In architecture and interior design, there's a constant quest for materials that combine aesthetic appeal with resilience. One such material that has recently gained prominence is Glass Reinforced Concrete Bolster, often called GRC Hand Railing. In this article we will be exploring its uses, advantages, and the creative possibilities it brings to architectural and interior design projects. What is GRC Hand Railing? Glass Reinforced Concrete Screen, or GRC Bolster for short, is a versatile architectural element that seamlessly merges the elegance of glass with the durability of concrete. It is crafted by reinforcing concrete with glass fibres, creating a unique material for intricate designs and ns while retaining its structural integrity. The Art of Craftsmanship Creating GRC Bolster is a meticulous process that demands skill and precision. Artisans blend fine concrete with glass fibres and pour the mixture into moulds to create panels of varying sizes and thickness.

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